Possibilities of funding: The right way to apply for fundings


To get an agreemnet on the required fundings, we have  compiled somthing woth knowing for you.

  1. Applications are normally requested at cor home-bank or a trusted credit-institution.
  2. Applications for public fundings have to be requested before the beginning of the project. The project must not begin before the application is requested.
  3. Supplementary financial assistance or conversion will generally not be supportet. The public funding shall be an impulsion.
  4. An overall fanancing should be given. The applicant should have a share in the financing in an adequate amount (normally 15% own capital needed).
  5. Public credits haveto be assured by a Bank as usual, potentially through a monetary bond or the guarantee bank of the state.
  6. After the agreement the funds haveto be used immediatly for the designated purpose; the use has to be recorded.
  7. A multiple funding of the same project is impossible.



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