Company start-up


To take the first step in self-employment is not simple and needs to be prepared thoroughly. To facilitate this step for you the towns and municipalities of the district Limburg-Weilburg as well as the town and association-municipality Diez provide you the support oft the Wirtschaftsförderung Limburg-Weilburg-Diez GmbH.

Because a good business idea today has still the best chances to compete on the market – if it comes well into action. We need young, dynamic company starters like you, who materialize innovative business ideas and create jobs and places to train by doing so.

Our services

To support your start-up, WFG offers you an all-round package, including:

  1. Group-information
  2. Single-consultaion
  3. Company start-up seminars
  4. Coaching

How can WFG help you?

WFG is the only place who offers you consultation for freelancers, so called catalogue-jobs, analog-jobs as well as new free jobs. But also every other sectors of economy, like service, industry, commerce and trade, are covered by our services.  We also offer to evaluate the sustainability of your company start-up according to § 57 par. 2 Nr. 3 SGB III and § 16 par. 2 i.c.w § 29 SGB II. The consultation by Wirtschaftsförderung Limburg-Weilburg-Diez GmbH is free of charge. Only the preparation of a statement about the sustainability as well as some seminars involve costs.