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Cooperation partner of the Steinbeis-foundation

The Steinbeis-foundation was founded in 1971. Its titular Saint is Ferdinand von Steinbeis, who in the 19th century already rendered outstanding services in the advancement of industry, trade and economy. Today Steinbeis-foundation is a company providing services of direct transfer of technology and knowledge for companies of all sizes and branches.  Next to its own college, more than 4.000 experts from technology and management in 516 specialized Steinbeis-transfer-companies belong to its worldwide transfer-network.

Steinbeis service divisions

stw-beratConsulting: Heading to new shores in dialogue

In the context of a broad branch of services Steinbeis conceives time- and cost-effective solutions for small and medium sized companies of all branches, for one-man firms, business starters and companies as well as advice seeking towns and communities: for all business relevant topics such as management, marketing, distribution, for new technologies, products, techniques and systems.

stw_forundentwResearch and development: Secure the future through knowledge transfer

You have to solve a complex task in R&D or a problem with production techniques? Then Steinbeis can help you. Steinbeis knows the competition of economy and takes care that “small” and “big” R&D-projects are realised customer-friendly and market-oriented: for IC-technology, nano- and micro-technology, environmental-, medical- and enrgy-techniques, automation and high-technologies

stw_gutSurveys and expertise: Counting on expert knowledge to proceed

To appraise chances of themarket and future, Steinbeis develops business evaluations, validity certificates and expertises for companies, credit-institutions and financiers. Experts use technology checks and analysis in order to”scan” for business-potentials, to rate intended innovations, to counsel in questions of investments, interests and financing, provide decision guidance and show future prospects for business success.

stw_a-wbildungInternational technology-transfer: Bundle synergies for the international competition

Can your company assert itself in the international competition? Steinbeis tells you your potential prospects and is your pioneer. Transfer-companies and project-partner from 40 countries are integrated in the Steinbeis-network. Steinbeis teaches you knowledge about country-specific economy structures and markets, about seminal technology- and investment-sites, key markets and acquisition markets, cooperations, financing, marketing, distribution, export and everything else involved.

Schooling and further education: Don’t forget: Your rivals never sleep – they learn!

Being up-to-date, commitment and practice-transfer are part of the schooling and further education program: if it is management, internationality, new media, health care or trendsetting technologies. The in-service study-courses (SteinbeisMBA, -MBE, -BBA) and trainings of Steinbeis College Berlin prepare skilled employees and managers for new challenges in international circles and disclose excellent career opportunities. The smart money is on “human capital”!